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The Sarajevo International Airport is served by numerous airlines. Arriving from airport on Kurt Schork Street, direction Centar (City Centre), please take a left turn on the crossroad Stupska petlja. By taking the first exit on your right, you will reach  the main Meša Selimović Boulevard, then go straight and follow the tramway. 4 km later you will reach Hotel Bristol Sarajevo on your right side.
A taxi is the easiest and fastest way to get to/from the airport. It is available 24h, takes about 10-15 minutes (depending on traffic) and the price is around 10-15 €. There is a taxi stop at the airport. The price of taxi transportation from the airport to the Hotel Bristol (Congress Venue) is approximately 20,00 BAM (convertible marks) or 10,00 €.
For GPS navigation, please use one from following options: ”Zmaja od Bosne”, “Fra Filipa Lastrica”, “Novo Sarajevo”.

Distance from the hotel:

  • Sarajevo International Airport: 6 km/3.7 miles (a 15-minute drive) 
  • Sarajevo Central Train Station: 2 km/1.25 miles (a 5-minute drive)
  • Sarajevo Central Bus Station: 2 km/1.25 miles (a 5-minute drive)


A network of railways and/or buses connect Sarajevo with many parts of Europe.
“Centrotrans Eurolines” bus company provides direct connection with many European cities. Address: Kurta Schorka 14, Sarajevo, Phone: +387 33 770 800; E-mail:,
“Railways of FBiH” (Zeljeznice FBiH), Address: Musala br.2, Sarajevo, Phone: +0038733657313, E-mail:, Web:
City train station – 2 km, approx. 5 minutes by car to the Hotel Bristol.


Sarajevo is located at the European Vc corridor highways.
Foreign drivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are required to have a national driver’s license, traffic permit and an insurance policy.
Road Toll
Passenger vehicles with foreign license plates pay road tolls on the highway: Zenica-Sarajevo (3€). 
Road Assistance - Call Centre Phone: +387 33 1282,


The taxi stops are everywhere, or you can hail a taxi by just raising your arm on the street. The price is approx. 5 euros for whole city center drives.
Sarajevo International Airport (approx.):  10,00€
City train station (approx):  5,00€
City bus station (approx):   5,00€
City centre (approx):  5,00€


Sarajevo has an extensive public transport network, covering almost all areas of the center and old city, Ilidza, Vogosca and other outlying areas. The network itself consists of a large fleet of hundreds buses, trolleybuses and trams but sometimes even this is not enough, and public transport in Sarajevo is usually crowded during rush hour.
City transport is divided into two tariff zones (map). Tickets are 1,80 BAM (0,90 Euro cents). There are several types of tickets:
  • ticket bought from the driver, which costs 1,80 BAM
  • paper ticket that is bought at kiosks; it costs 1,60 BAM
Tickets (except those bought from the driver) must be validated on machines inside the vehicle. Transport authorities routinely check tickets for validation — particularly at peak hours on major lines - and an infraction can land you with an uncomfortable fine, which sets you back about  € 20,00


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