Deadline for abstract submission – August 1st, 2015
Notification of abstract acceptance – September 15th, 2015

The SEENS abstract book online supplement will be published in the official journal of society – The Journal of Neurological Surgery (JNLS) by the October 22nd, 2015.



  • Abstract must contain original material, never before published nor presented elsewhere, prior to October 22nd, 2015.
  • Only abstracts in the English language will be reviewed. 
  • Abstract will be published exactly as submitted and it is the responsibility of the presenting author to ensure accuracy of content and spelling. 
  • Authors have to choose their presentation preferences: oral presentation or e-poster presentation.
  • Abstracts should be submitted on the e-mail: office@aria.co.rs (Please note your presentation preferences in the mail).
  • After you submit your abstract you will receive a notification of abstract submission. In a case you have not received this notification in a period of 7 days please contact us. 
  • Once abstract has been submitted it is final. 
  • Late submissions will not be accepted. There are no exceptions. 
  • All accepted abstracts will be published in the electronic Abstract Book (CD), which will be distributed to all participants upon registration at the first day of Congress. 



  • Abstract text must be in Times New Roman Font, 12 pt size, use single line spacing. 
  • The abstract should not exceed 300 words (including Introduction, Aim, Materials and methods, Results and Conclusion). 
  • The title must be short, clearly indicating the objective of the research. Only first letter of each word in the title should be capital. Do not include any abbreviations or commericial names of the drugs. 
  • Full name of the first author should be written in CAPITAL LETTERS, and the name of co-author(s) in lower-case letters. Also, write the full address for correspondence. 
  • Standard abbreviations can be used in the text, but they must be defined by being placed in brackets after the full word or phrase is typed for the first time. 
  • Generic names should be used the first time a drug is mentioned and the proprietary name should be in brackets. 
  • It is not permitted to include tables, charts or pictures in your abstract.
  • Do not include references in your abstract. 
  • At the end of the abstract, please write 3 to 5 keywords that best describe your research.


Your abstract should contain the following parts:

INTRODUCTION: Describe the current state of scientific progress regarding your field. 
AIM: Describe the aim of your research and why your work is important. 
MATERIALS (PATIENTS) AND METHODS: Describe which methods and materials did you use to conduct your research. 
RESULTS: Write only the most important results of your research. 
CONCLUSION: Interpret the meaning of the results. 
KEYWORDS: Write 3 to 5 key words that best describe your research.
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us via:  office@aria.co.rs


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